Number of Posts
Specialist Operations Branch
SOB Sub-Branch/Division
Openshaw Complex
Grade F
Not applicable
Leadership Level
Peer Leader
Contract Type
36.25 hours per week
Full time
Advertised Salary
£27,432 - £29,331 per annum
Shift Allowances/Enhancements/ Additional Info
Medical Required
There is an exciting opportunity for a suitably experienced candidate to join Greater Manchester Police’s team of Armourers covering the operational armoury based at the SOCH at Openshaw.

The successful applicant will responsible for all Force weapons, ammunition and associated equipment. This includes the repair and maintenance for all Force weapons and associated equipment, ammunition and training equipment. The role will require regular training and applicants must be willing to be trained in any weapon system, ammunition and associated equipment procured by the Force and attend required refresher courses, some of which will involve travel and overnight stay.

Details of the main duties and responsibilities of the role can be found in the attached job description.

The role is predominantly based in East Manchester but will, on occasion, require travel to other Greater Manchester based working locations.

Please refer to the attached Job Description for further details regarding the skills required to do this role.

The Job Description has been signposted to indicate at which stage of the process each criteria will be tested.


Applicants who are shortlisted will progress on to interview.

Should you have any questions regarding this, or have any questions regarding the vacancy, please contact

Closing Date
11 Dec 2022
Recruitment Team Contact
Other Information
Please note, all of our communication will be sent to you via the e-mail address you provide on your application form, therefore please ensure is in your mail safe senders / safe recipients list to prevent our e-mails going into your junk mail.

To be eligible for appointment as a member of police staff, you must be a British citizen or a citizen of a country that is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals are also eligible but only if they are resident in the UK free of restrictions.

After 30 June 2021, nationals of the EEA or Switzerland will also need to provide evidence that their stay is free from restrictions.

In the context of EEA nationals, we are content that pre-settled status counts as free from restrictions.

To apply for this role you must have a good record of attendance, at least during the last two years.

Due to the Equality Act (2010) the criteria surrounding sickness absence will not be checked until the conditional offer stage of the recruitment process, this is after the interview stage of the full recruitment process. With this in mind all candidates need to ensure that they have a good attendance record for the last 2 years for Staff and officers and for 12 months for apprentices.

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in all areas of employment, including recruitment. The Police Service welcomes people with disabilities and will do its best to make reasonable adjustments to the working arrangements and/ or the working environment providing it is possible to do so.

If you have a disability and you require support with your application, please let us know so we can consider and support you with any reasonable adjustments you may require. If you need any support completing this application please contact and the recruitment team will be happy to assist.

Should you require reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process, please let us know during the selection process.

Please note that you will be required to provide an educational psychologist report in support of any adjustments.

Greater Manchester Police have been informed of potential personal tax implications for members of the 1987 Police Pension Scheme, who retire and take a pension between the ages of 50 and 54 inclusive and then take up employment as a Police Staff member. Members of the police pension scheme whose age is between 50 and 54 who are re-employed as a Police Staff member have to meet certain conditions to keep their PPA and to protect against personal tax liability charges on any payments paid before the age of 55. One of those conditions is that a break of at least 1 month is required where the re-employment is ‘materially different’. However, if the role is not deemed to be ‘materially different’ then a 6 month break is required.

Policing values are enshrined in the Code of Ethics (a copy of which can be found at
Every person serving with the police service needs to adhere to these standards of professional behaviour. As an applicant to Greater Manchester Police, we expect that you will hold views and attitudes in line with the Code; that if you are successful in your application you will uphold the Code of Ethics by displaying the behaviours that the Code sets out; and that you will report any conduct of others that falls short of those standards. Any failure or apparent failure to uphold the Code of Ethics will be taken seriously. It will be looked into and in cases involving serious and/or repeated failings, criminal and/or misconduct proceedings may follow. With that in mind, you are reminded that you must not share any information relating to the recruitment and assessment process. Sharing of such information could result in criminal and/or misconduct proceedings.
Minimum Age for Applications

Job Location : Manchester
Company : Greater Manchester Police
Position :
Sector :
Employment :
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Contact : E-Mail Adress :
Please contact between 09:00-18:00.

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